If your child has a poor appetite or erratic eating habits, or if she con­sumes a highly selective diet (such as a vegetarian diet containing no dairy products), a vitamin supplement should be considered. Chewable tablets are available for children who have difficulty swallowing pills.Which Kids Need Vitamin Supplements?





  • Kids who aren't eating regular, well-balanced meals made from fresh, whole foods • Picky eaters who simply aren't eating enough
  • Kids with chronic medical conditions such as asthma or digestive problems, especially if they're taking medications (be sure to talk with your child's doctor first before starting a supplement if your child is on medication) 
  • Particularly sporty kids who play physically demanding sports
  • Kids eating a lot of fast foods and processed foods
  • Kids on a vegetarian diet(they may need an iron supplement), a dairy-free diet (they may need a calcium supplement), or other restricted diet
  • Kids who drink a lot of carbonated sodas, which can leach vitamins and minerals from their bodies



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