Beginner Supplements Stacks

Getting  back into the gym - or into the gym for the first time - in a long time? Take this stack with you to get off on the right foot.

Millions   of people across the country use the New Year to renew, or begin, their   commitment to fitness. Getting to where you want to go physique-wise will   require the right workout program and a strict adherence to diet. But yoau can   also look to certain supplements to help bolster your efforts.

Not all   supplements are great for beginners, since efficacy can depend on how clean your   diet is to begin with. So make sure you straighten out your eating habits before   shelling out dough for this stack.

One supplement, in particular, is   most effective for people starting out. Research has shown that HMB, or   B-ydroxy-B-methylbutyrate, works particularly well for beginners, helping to add   strength and mass very quickly. This will help you build a solid base that you   can use for the rest of the year.

Whey protein, a staple for any gym   rat, is perhaps more critical for beginners who tend to experience more muscle   soreness at the outset of a program. Beginners also have the most potential for   growth and quick-digesting whey protein helps to flood your muscles with the   necessary amino acids for rapid repair. Pre- and post-workout doses help ensure   that your body is getting the fuel it needs when it needs it most but it can   also be used to bolster your protein intake throughout the day as a meal   replacement.The rigors of a new routine also rapidly deplete the body of minerals, which is why a multivitamin/mineral is crucial for maintaining energy levels and immunity.

After all, you can't train hard if you're sluggish or sick.Capping off the beginner's stack is arginine, which helps to boost blood flow, strength and recovery in lifters of all experience levels.Try using this stack for the first few weeks of 2009 to speed you on your way to your best build ever.

Supplement Dose
HMB 3-6 grams 2-3 times per day with meals

Whey protein 20 grams immediately preworkout; 40-60 grams post-workout

Multivitamin/mineral 1-2 times daily with food

Arginine 3-5 grams 30 minutes preworkout and post-workout


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